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Welcome to Fordeer: Review Product Reviews, one of the best tools to help your Shopify store's boost trust and grow sales. Our exceptional Product Reviews application includes powerful customization tools and styling options for your review widgets and popups. With Fordeer, you can enhance your customer experience by showcasing authentic and compelling product reviews, boosting trust, and ultimately increasing conversions.
Take control of your review display
Maintain a consistent brand image
Encourage potential buyers to take action

Harness power of social proof and drive more conversions

Fordeer's review widgets and popups act as powerful social proof elements, showcasing all of positive feedbacks from your customers and encouraging potential buyers to take action. Let's watch as your sales soar with the added credibility and trust that customer reviews bring.
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Showcase authentic reviews
Seamlessly upload and showcase authentic product reviews, highlighting the positive experiences of your satisfied customers and instilling confidence in your brand.
Fully customize widgets & popups
Personalize the look and feel of your review widgets and popups to align perfectly with your Shopify store's branding. Available a range of design options, fonts, colors, and layouts to create a seamless and visually appealing customer experience.
Analyze & optimize performance
Track metrics such as views, clicks, and conversions to understand how your reviews are impacting your business. Use this data to optimize your review strategy and make data-driven decisions.
Effortlessly manage reviews
Manage and organize easily your review widgets and popups with a user-friendly dashboard. Customize their appearance, choose where they appear on your online store, and control their timing for maximum impact.

Explore the powerful advanced features, easy to use for your operation

Send a review request email automatically
Save you time and effort by sending an email to ask for review after every purchase so customers can leave a review.
Personalize widgets and popups
Tailor to fit seamlessly with the store's theme, colors, and style. Ensure a consistent and visually appealing experience for your customers.
Collect & manage product reviews
By gathering feedback, you can gain insights about your products and improve your offerings.
Showcase reviews on product pages
Display reviews prominently can influence potential customers and increase their confidence in purchasing your products.
Get a comprehensive review dashboard
Utilize a dashboard that offers comprehensive data and insights about your reviews. This makes it easier for you to manage and analyze the feedback you receive from customers.
Ensure legal compliance
Ensure compliance with applicable data protection and privacy regulations when collecting reviews.

Why you should use the Fordeer App?

Finding the best invoicing software for your company is a simple way to get your business to grow faster day by day
Features included :
No hidden fees
Data protection and privacy regulations
Seamlessly integrate with your Shopify store
Use smoothy on any device
Provide 24/7 live support
Free plan with helpful advanced features
Other product reviews apps
Features not included :
Complicated fee structure
Need a lot of manual setup
Have unfriendly support and weekends off
Sketchy advanced features
Slow loading speed
Not be compatible with the other Shopify apps
Free plan without advanced features

Presence on
multiple e-commerce platforms

Easy to use, I recommend it for a simple invoice tracking and personalization. Also support is friendly and attentive to your needs.
Highly recommend the tool. Also their support is exceptional! Very fast and helpful. Summer is the best she is very helpful customer service.
Great! I even can make my own template exactly same as I want. Advanced features of this app are so helpful and worthy.

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