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Welcome to Fordeer, the revolutionary PreOrder Now PreSale application designed to help your store generate revenue even when products are out of stock. With Fordeer, you can seamlessly replace the disappointment of out-of-stock items with preorder buttons, allowing customers to secure their purchases in advance. Maximize your sales potential and keep your customers engaged with Fordeer!
Remove the frustration of out-of-stock items
Keep customers engaged and retain their interest
Ensure a seamless shopping experience

Embrace power of preorders and maximize revenue

Are you frustrated when your popular products go out of stock, causing missed sales opportunities? Look no further than Fordeer, the ultimate PreOrder Now PreSale application that empowers your store to generate revenue even when products are temporarily unavailable.
Unlock thePower of Preorders
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Integrated "Pre-Order" button
Enable merchants to continue generating revenue by proactively offering customers the option to pre-order items that are currently unavailable
Enhanced customer experience
Improve the customer experience by minimizing the frustration of encountering out-of-stock products, offering pre-orders for popular items, complete with discounts, estimated delivery dates, and other enticing features.
User-friendly setup and creation
Seamlessly set up and create pre-order campaigns with ease. Fordeer eliminates complexity by providing a user-friendly interface that allows businesses to configure and launch pre-order functionality in just a few clicks.
Powerful analytics dashboard
Gain valuable insights into revenue and AOV data with Fordeer's powerful analytics dashboard. Track the performance of your pre-order campaigns, make informed decisions, and optimize your strategies for greater profitability.

Explore the powerful advanced features, easy to use for your operation

Integrate pre-order functionality
Replace "Out of stock" with "Pre-order" buttons and keep generating revenue even when products are unavailable.
Customize preorder buttons and messaging
Tailor preorder buttons and messaging to match your store's aesthetics and voice, create a consistent and engaging shopping experience for your customers.
Set up & create campaigns with an ease
Easily configure the app to start accepting pre-orders for their products, streamline the implementation and management of pre-order functionality.
Maintain customer engagement
By providing the option to preorder, minimizing the frustration of encountering out-of-stock products, you can keep your customers engaged and interested.
Get a powerful analytics dashboard
Utilize a dashboard that lets you track the success of their pre-order campaigns, make data-driven decisions, and optimize their strategies for maximum profitability.
Ensure legal compliance and requirements
By incorporating transparent and fair pre-order practices, Fordeer helps businesses operate within legal boundaries and maintain customer trust.

Why you should use the Fordeer App?

Finding the best invoicing software for your company is a simple way to get your business to grow faster day by day
Features included :
No hidden fees
Data protection and privacy regulations
Seamlessly integrate with your Shopify store
Use smoothy on any device
Provide 24/7 live support
Free plan with helpful advanced features
Other preorders apps
Features not included :
Complicated fee structure
Need a lot of manual setup
Have unfriendly support and weekends off
Sketchy advanced features
Slow loading speed
Not be compatible with the other Shopify apps
Free plan without advanced features

Presence on
multiple e-commerce platforms

Easy to use, I recommend it for a simple invoice tracking and personalization. Also support is friendly and attentive to your needs.
Highly recommend the tool. Also their support is exceptional! Very fast and helpful. Summer is the best she is very helpful customer service.
Great! I even can make my own template exactly same as I want. Advanced features of this app are so helpful and worthy.

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